Mamburao Beach Resorts

by Jane Dacumos on April 02, 2014
Mamburao Beach Resorts

Mamburao is a municipality in Occidental Mindoro, and is is renowned for its world-class beaches with all the accompanying images of pristine, powdery white sands, endless blue seas and palm trees lining the coast.  Its beach resorts are top-notch too, with great accomodations and facilities which allow for great swimming, diving, playing water sports, or just plain relaxing with cottages along the beach that can be rented at very affordable rates.

For those looking for a place to stay, Mamburao has a wide selection of hotels and inns that cater to any guest’s needs. In the whole province, Mamburao has most hotels aside from San Jose in the Southern tip of the province. La Gensol Plaza Hotel, Traveler’s Hotel, New Mindoreño’s Hotel and Restaurant are just some of the places you can settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Mamburao Beach

Hotels and Beach Resorts
•    La Gensol Plaza Hotel and Restaurant                
•    Mindoreños Hotel and Restaurant                        
•    Traveller’s Hotel and Restaurant
•    Palm Beach Resort
•    Balay Hangin Beach Resort
•    Paradise Beach Resort
•    Sunrise Beach Resort
•    Vista Del Mare Beach Resort
•    La Playa Beach Resort
•    Bill’s Hillside Resort
•    Fatima Beach Resort


Hotels near Mamburao Airport

• Tamaraw Beach Resort - Aninuan, Puerto Galera, Aninuan, Puerto Galera / Mindoro, Philippines
• Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort - Aninuan, Puerto Galera, Aninuan, Puerto Galera / Mindoro, Philippines
• Luca's Cucina Italiana & Lodge - Talipanan, Aninuan, Puerto Galera / Mindoro, Philippines
• Bamboo House Beach Lodge & Restaurant - Talipanan, Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro, Aninuan, Puerto Galera / Mindoro, Philippines
• Amihan Villa - Barangay Talipanan, Aninuan, Puerto Galera / Mindoro, Philippines


How to Get There

1.  From Manila by bus to Batangas Pier (Jam, Jac and Tritran Terminals in Cubao or Buendia. From Batangas Pier to Abra de Ilog (21/2 hr RORO vessel via Montenegro or Baleno Shipping Lines. Abra de Ilog Pier to Mamburao take a van or bus 30-45 mins.

2.  From Ali Mall bus terminal take Dimples bus lines, it will take you to Mamburao. The bus actually travels to    San Jose but accommodates passengers to towns on its way.

3.  From Manila by private car to Batangas Pier (take SLEX and exit at Balagtas, Bats) to Batangas Port onto a   RORO vessel to Abra de Ilog Pier. Once in Abra de Ilog, head directly to Mamburao via main national road (30 mins).

4.  Chartered plane from Domestic airport lands in Mamburao airport  (40   mins flight from Manila to Mamburao).

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